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Rules of Procedure
Contract Appeals

Contract Appeals Rules are available in three formats: HTML (Text), a self-extracting zip file (containing WordPerfect and gif files), and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

HTML Format  View Rules in Text Format

WordPerfect 5.1 (self-extracting zip file, download)  Download WP 5.1 and GIF Files
This is a .exe file which bundles the Contract Appeals Rules (WP 5.1) and Forms (gif format) in a self-extracting zip format.  To extract the bundled files, save the self-extracting zip file (rules.exe) locally on your PC.  Double-click on the file in order perform the self-extraction.  The .wpd file may be opened in WordPerfect or Microsoft Word (you must change the .wpd file extension to .doc in order to have Microsoft Word open the document) by double-clicking on the file.  After the .exe file has been extracted, it may be deleted.

Acrobat PDF Format View Rules in PDF Format
If you don't have Adobe's Acrobat Reader,
you may obtain it free from Adobe.
Just click here:   Get Acrobat Reader

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